Friday, January 23, 2009

Long stare...

I am feeling gloomy since yesterday evening. There's no need to deny the fact. It was a bad decision to bring myself to the forbidden space. i should've known better but i better admit that i wasn't as strong as how i'd like people to perceive me. I have my moments of falling down hard.

It was the tears i shed after 4months.

No regret, no wishful thinking, nothing of that. i've always known where do i stand and prepared for the worst.

Hanya rasa sayu yang ada. sedih juga mungkin.

I need words of comfort.


peonate said...

yatt dear, kenapakah anda?? im here if u feel like chatting or talking to someone okeh !

Nadya said...

sug,wuts wrong?im all ears aight..just a click away..muahhh!

yatt said...

peonate & nadya:

i wish very much to share the stories and sorrow with u two..tapi aku sgt2 malu dengan diri sendri untuk bercerita...

sayang korang!

Anonymous said...

yatt my dear. Remember what you said to me?

It's okay to cry, so let it all out baby!

Much love. Muahks