Monday, January 12, 2009


We called each other 'gossip partner' during highschool (sambil2 beratur semasa assembly atau ketika menghadiri kelas Kak Antha) and not only that, we shared moments of being ahli PBSM yang tegar, ber-jungle trekking bersama-sama, curi2 menonton Kuch Kuch Hota Hai di Sunway Pyramid di samping aktiviti2 picisan yang lain.

If not for this space, i hardly can imagine we'd still keep in touch after school. Even so, we didn't do phone calls as such but for once when i decided to give her a ring sometime ago last year, she exclaimed

'Yatttt!! ko budak SSP yang ketiga aku bagitauuu pasal benda nih..'

Yeay, my hunch was right and i know i wouldn't missed it for the world.

Even if it means looking out for the ketua HO the 1st week i joined O&G department to book for my one day leave, rushing off to the airport after sleepless oncall and almost lost my handphone out of klutz; i'd do anything to be there to witness the moment.

Seeing her happiest face with her man made all worthwhile. I just smiled (trying to hide the braces, as anis would cheekily point it out) and enjoyed the happiness surrounding me that night.

Congratulations Peon and Zeff. You two deserve each other;)


anis-chan said...

oh gooodddd kak antha korang panggil ms vasantha rupanya hahahahahaha

sori aku mmg LPU hehehehehe

peonate said...

sweeeettttt !!!!!
thanks for coming dear!! sorry tak dapat borak lama² ...

hahah anis, kak antha la tu sesuaii ape..

eh yatt igt lagi tak mr specky yg kite jumpe time treasure hunt kat titiwangsa tuh??

yatt said...

anis: ahahahaahaha...panggilan manja tau.... tp tobatla aku nak panggil mcm tuh depan dia nanti:P

peon: ur most's ok, dapat tgk muka EXCITED ko mlm tuh pun dah cukup...heheh nti bebila aku pegi KL kita hang out sesama..(ok ek, zeff?;D)

tuhla kan, kita nih mmg anak didik kak antha yg auta;D

hahaha funnily mlm lepas wedding ko tuh aku baru amik balik buku autograf SSP9599 aku from wansue, dlm tuh ko bercerita kisah kita dgn specky...

jgn risau zeff, peon setia! hahaha..