Friday, January 30, 2009


However long it takes, however difficult it seems, or however lonely you may become, Nuryati, remember, you live in a dream world where everything can change in an instant.

Especially when you've been visualizing.


After a while, i managed to shove the sadness under the carpet and thanks for all the concern but i am never a girl who can express her sorrow well. it's best done with crying quietly under the blanket, alone. regardless, all the virtual hugs and love are humbly appreciated. honestly!

Put that aside, i have a long list of gratitude to make

- Will be visiting my sister's family in Kedah and most likely extend the journey to Penang during the 1st weekend in February.

-Remember my wish list somewhere in November about getting together with KAMI's girlfrens...It's been almost a year since i last met most of them. Also my unwritten wishlist to watch PUTERI GUNUNG LEDANG MUSICAL THEATRE once i got to know that there'll be 3rd edition somewhere in February. Dreams come true, i have booked 6 tics to watch this legendary story with my favourite girls one day after Valentine's..yes, another trip to KL next month.

Recently i learned that there'll be birthday celebration for my nephew on the same weekend. wah, menarik!

-If there's one thing that keeps me going energetically in the general hospital and to continue with social life, it would be my wonderful HERBALIFE.

Speaking of which has also give me a meaningful way to achieve my dream in life, that is to make a difference in people's life. This scientifically proven products has helped thousands if not millions of people around the world to achieve better health and change their life and i am glad to be part of this , both as customer and now as wellness buddy.

We all have choices in life and i'm proud to choose HERBALIFE

- I found myself enjoying Obst& Gynae more than i thought i would. I was told by at least 6 different people that i have this Obst & Gynae
look (way before i started in this department) and i found myself laughing hard but at the same time wondering why.

It's easy to enjoy the job where i can find endless self-satisfaction despite inevitable lacking. As long as i work safe, establish good rapport and able to deal with emergency, i think i'm an OK.

- I have just finished reading this book and found myself making a gratitude list who will receive a small gift from me this year. i hope you're in the list;)


menarilah dan terus tertawa

walau dunia tak seindah surga

bersukurlah pada yang kuasa

cinta kita di dunia


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