Monday, July 26, 2010

Tick tock..

Now, stop browsing through others' blog and start updating yours!

Opsie-daisy, i'm guilty as charged for abandoning this space. perhaps, i've lost the touch of writing my mind but i am not ready to give it up, yet. I mean how the hell am i going to keep in touch with most of my dearest if i dont keep this little journal.

Life has been great, if not better. Alhamdulillah. At least, i know the difference of being busy happily and grumpily idle. Yes, i occasionally recalled my leisure time doing opthalmology but got stuck with almost daily attack of migraine and multiple (stress) mouth ulcer . Now, i dont have ample time as i'll be on my feet around the clock reviewing patients in the ward, finishing off clinic and at times covering for casualty as well. Apart from those lazy nurses, i have no other complaint. i am smiling most of the time and i could really appreciate my job.

Now i understand why people shouldn't get engaged for a long period. I'm blessed with someone so patient, otherwise this might not work out, lol! i could easily throw tantrum and sulk all day long over a tiny issue, but God bless him, he just know how to handle the situation until i cool down.

Okay, i promise to write more over certain life issues/ of now, i feel like having a good chat with my bestie over the phone...

Take care!


peonate said...

say, your bday wishlists tu can be upgraded to your hantaran! hehe, yatt's other half, please take note :)

yatt said...

hahaha, u simply read my mind...some dah ticked off so will come up with an updated version;)

Jgn lupa 4/12/2010, peon!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this was a actually quality post. In theory I' d like to eradicate like this too - entrancing point and actual essay to make a tickety-boo article... but what can I say... I pause alot and in no mo = 'modus operandi' be clear to wheedle something done.