Monday, March 22, 2010


I thought i would be writing something nice and happy to make up for the infrequent update but i guess, i need to get this out of my system.

Have i been bad for keeping something to myself to avoid fitnah?

I've observed so many. I've learnt from others. I dont wanna be the topic for conversation. I dont wanna make fool of myself again.

I thought it will be better to keep mum about it until i am certain myself.

Little did i know, when i finally decided to became the reason for hatred and misunderstanding.


Now i know whom i can count on. Now i accept that people can treat others differently simply by superficial insight about the whole scenario.


~Am said...

why do you sound so dark?
aku takdela number phone kau...
in case u need to talk to someone. call me 0128775255

yatt said...

thanks a lot ambol...ur thought touched my heart..biasalah when we cant read ppl's mind..just need to keep going..

Anonymous said...

kite tak payah tau pikiran org ke ape ape, org nak buat ape, bukan bole kite halang pon, tapi kawan ko yang tgh tsumbat tu, biar je die macam tu, bile die rase nak keluar dari ketersumbatan die tu die keluar a.
sebenarnye die gembire je dengar ko dapat jumpe org yang best and people that can make you happy, you deserve it - of all the people, she should know better- tapi biasela, tersumbat.
i think die owes you an apology, for her ketersembatan, but she's not ready yet to do so, biase, ego a tu.
aku rase ko balik kl nanti ok a budak tu, insyaallah, so semangatla, jangan ko pedulikkkan budak tu sgt, separoh gile tu, kalo tak full blown gile.
nape aku tau sgt pasal budak tu? pasal aku rase budak tu adalah... tut... ko tau la a.

yatt said...

ok..hope things get better sooner..