Friday, February 26, 2010


Hai anonymous.

I didnt realise you're here until the email notification announcing your comment. Apparently that's not the only one. You've left several more but they went unnoticed before.

You cannot possibly be one of my friends or family because they'll say their name right away, i'm sure. But you sounded like a nice person so that doesnt bother me much. Thanks for your kind words and concern though. It seemed genuine, at least.

I dont know whether we could be friend or not because i dont leave my contact number or mail around for you to contact me personally. But if you're comfortable being my far-away acquintance, it's fine by me too.


Maybe you can be my imaginary friend, just like when we were kids so that i could talk to you without feeling anxious over the secret being heard by others.

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

hai. if this post was dedicated to me.

I'm not sure how did I start to read your blog, but I feel like I should do my part to encourage you up from being down. I'm kind a person who could not just stand seeing people unhappy. But I just a normal human being that only can listen, feedback and pray accordingly whenever needed. I can't promise, but I'll read your blog from time to time and give feedback. Hope you have enjoyed the girls' trip though.