Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tag suka suki

1. I am currently wearing braces for almost 3 months, hoping to have it off by Eid. The colour goes like this -pink-yellow-purple...what's next?

2. I went to all girls' school for 5 years, thus i tend to treat my male frens like my own siblings...kira macam sumbang mahram kalu nak berfeeling2

3. My favourite number must've been 6...six wonderful girlfrens back in Monash and now, 4 girls and 2 guys in my clique.

4. I'm looking forward to stay in a contemporary apartment...i want it to be 'less is more'

5. My first car is white and my last car will be RED!

6. I dont do well with elder generation. saya tak pandai nak bermanis muka berbudi bahasa dengan mereka..saya rasa kekok (dan juga takut kalau2 ada yang berkenan nak buat menantu..ok, ramai2 ROTFL!!)

7. I'm known as 'primadona' when i was small cos i used to pretend crying and all only to get things my way...and i tell u, it did most of the time.

8. Off all my memories back in melbourne, i missed our road trips and shopping spree most!!

9. I can go to a shopping mall and come back empty-handed OR going crazy with all the sales. I'm like that

10. Saya berangan nak kawen tahun nih....hahahahhahhah!!

11. My brother said i have too many bestfrens..

12. Ppl always question my place of origin when they hear me speaking..i'm a proud kelantanese, with or without the accent:p

13. My one and only love experience: i let it go and stay away from him after i realised i failed to stay fren without deeper feeling attached (and i'm tired of waiting)...hahahha, maafkan saya kerana pathetic.

14. I love to organise simple special event (mostly makan2) when the whole family's around..and our fave games are scrabble or monopoly...the kids in us;)

15. I love pasta so much, i could live on iit for weeks..

16. I promised myself not to do any shopping this year, unless when i'm travelling...

17. My fave book so far is 'The Last Lecture'

18. I have at least 10 books remained unopened on the shelves...maybe i'll read them when i'm done with O&G

19. I was on the verge of quitting after a month of work and here i am reaching a year of being HO, loving my job and couldn't think of doing anything else.

20. I enjoyed PGL musical theatre soooooo much... especially the dance

21. I loved doing gratitude list when i'm feeling down

22. I M.U.S.T catch up on OTH series!

23. I'm a Herbalife loyal fan-from the shakes to herbal aloe shampoo.

24. I am transparent, emotion-wise..

25. SIAP!

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