Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kisah klasik..

Haih, i feel really bad for leaving this space for so longgg...i'm really sorry!

So this will be for those who remains here...a snippet of what happened last 2 months. At first i didnt feel quite right to share because it might be misunderstood, but what the heck..i'd like to remember the story as our kisah klasik;)

I last met my fiance during our engagement ceremony (tehee, he was there actually..) so when he told me that he'll be back for Ramadhan, i thought he'd like to see me..but for some reason, he thought it's ok if we dont meet up..

Ahh, this drama queen was quick to respond.. i said ok, fine but let's not contact each other for the whole Ramadhan..! hah, speaking of woman's ego..

So even if i was ill with unremitting fever, parents' away for the whole fasting month and the worst break-outs i have ever had in my life...i didnt budge from my did he.

That's not the end of the drama. Even if he send me the sweetest sms on Eid, i still had the nerve to disregard his effort and feed my pride...Thank God someone in the family decided to smack me on my head (not literally, ok!) and the rest is history.....

So we're all good and this will be part of our 'kisah klasik' for our next generation;)


Kay said...

cam nescafe klasik..

aida cy said...

not just one hand..many attempt to 'smack' the back of your head but only one succeed.. Cik Yah the love Guru

kak nur said...

Adik: aye..aye:p