Monday, September 27, 2010


I thought i should wait till Eid is over before making any preparation because i dont wanna look or sound too enthusiastic, but here i am 2 months away with long list of things to book/buy..

Heheh, drama queen!

The best thing i had ever done was to decide on theme colour was way back during engagement prep actually and i'm proud to say i havent change my mind..yet;) Those around me would nod in agreement because nobody would wanna deal with my fickle-mind ....I could easily go unsure about my decision and ponder on choices for as long as i want..driving everyone crazy..a usual scenario during our eating-outs;)

As for the date,

3rd Dec: akad nikah

4th Dec: My reception

6th Dec: his reception

30th Dec: my birthday

eh, silap! termasuk pulak yang last tuh...teheeee;)


Anonymous said...

iye, iye, aku paham, hadiah # 1 for ur wedding, hadiah # 2 for your bday? ok, ok i get it. ko nak hape?

yatt said...

aku tahu ko bijakkkk...hahaha

yg #1-aku nak lingerie cantik

yg #2- aku nak handbag cantik

amacam?? hahaha..

hafizahmaha said...

be careful what u wish for. umi goes for less is more. hahaha...

aida cy said...

oyoyoyo.. be precise on your wish list,

'cantik' has wide and vary definition :)

yatt said...

Fizah: didnt we all know that...hahaha

Adik: u wouldnt wanna hear my precise details;p