Friday, March 27, 2009


5 Reasons Why I Register My Nephews for SCORE A

1. Output Learning

During schoolyears, i've always noticed that my frens who excel in studies were the ones who practise answering questions instead of getting bogged down trying to read and memorise the whole things..and that's the difference between output vs input learning..

Eventually in the exam, it's our output learning ability that will be tested, how we apply all the theories and facts to get the rights answer and that's what SCORE A is all about.. there were more than 300,000 questions for the kids to practise and learn comprising all syllabus for UPSR and PMR (soon it will be SPM)..

2. EducationSystem

This portal is closely in line with the school curriculum set by the Ministry of Education. It has Real Time Update which means everytime Ministry of Education changes its curriculum, the portal will update itself..

The person behind SCORE A is an ex-principal of Sekolah Alam Shah..

SCORE A is the one that helps Sek Men Hulu Selangor to beats the rest of elite schools in PMR for 6 consecutive years ...

3. Past Year Exams

Remember during our last month before exams, our teachers would pass us all the past year exams or for those who have money would buy books from Cerdik's Publication to practise past year questions...

Now my nephew have access to 17 years of past year questions (1993-2008) in full formats for all subjects and he can practise doing them using "Countdown Timer"...once the time's up, the system will submit the paper automatically..

4. Report Cards/SMS to the parents

Let me ask you one question, how many times parents get to see their children's report card in a year? at most i bet only 2-4 times in a year..

Thanks to SCORE A, busy parents gets to monitor their children..
For nephew stayed with us in Kelantan and his parents were both in KL but no worries, his father would get his results everytime he practised in SCORE A...

I for myself is very2 busy with job and other stuffs but with SCORE A, i was able to go home during the weekend, browse through his portal and discuss with him all the wrong answer...just like a mini tuition but in a very interactive ways..

5. Personal Development

That's just obvious..

SCORE A brings the parents closer to the kids..
SCORE A helps to boost the kids' confidence level and encourage them to improve themselves
SCORE A trains the kids in Information and Communication Techology (ICT) at early age

Deep inside, i wish i had SCORE A during my schoolyears!

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