Saturday, March 28, 2009

Goodness gracious!

1. To those who are interested with SCORE A for their siblings/cousins/nephews/nieces, let me know..i'm more than happy to help and spread this good effort..

2. My VIVA for O&G will be tomorow. i have butterflies in my stomach whenever i thought of it. For the past 2 days, i have been living in denial and chose to ignore the books. pls pray for me...i really need to pass this assessment and move on to paeds..takutnye=(

3. I'm going to Kedah tomorrow night to visit my Aqil and Zahra...mum said Zahra is just like me when i was small..ngehngehngeh!!

4. I'm going to KL this coming Thursday night and spend two days with my Syahman, Umar and Ibrahim...

5. Yes yes!! i won the bowling games last night...i even beat the super-power Am (thank goodness, he's not gonna find this blog)...lalalala..and Umie's not reading this also, otherwise she's sooo gonna strangle me for bragging this out =p

Saya takuttt nak VIVA esokkk..huhuhuhuh

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