Thursday, May 17, 2012

Travelogue Beijing (part 2)


We set off as early as 7.30am to Summer Palace. Weather was superb (as always in spring). Our first destination was Summer Palace which existed since 17th century during Qing dynasty. It was built as luxurious royal garden for the royal family to reside and entertain. It stretched up to 300 hectars complete with man-made bridge and lake (we didnt get to tour the whole area, it was toooo big!) . It was destroyed once by fire and rebuilt again in 1888. Summer Palace was ranked as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1998

Our 2nd destination was Pearl Centre. Earlier, we were given tips by our relatives that to shop in China, we must ask for discount of at least 70% off ..So at the Pearl Centre, I thought of buying pearl necklace but since I've got a few from my Sabah trip, i had a look at the pendant made of oyster's shell and there's one that caught my attention. I was just trying my luck for asking 80% discount because it's an emporium shop not the usual stall or market but suprise, suprise! we did a little bit of bargain and i got away with a pendant and a free gift of pearl ring for 70% discounted price..ehehe..

After that we went to Dr Tea shop-there were demonstration on different types of tea and how to serve and drink each of them. It was fun and we bought 2 sets with tea set as a free gift..

After lunch and prayed at local mosque, we went to Silk Center.. yes, one of the main aim for me and hubs is to buy few pieces of Chinese silk to sell back in Msia..We had to wait until they're done with (yet another) demonstration on how the silk was produced before we were brought to the 2nd floor where the clothes are sold. We bought 10 pieces with a good bargain..
Then we dropped off at the Bird's Nest Stadium that served as the main stadium of Beijing Olympic Games 2008. There were flock of local people there as well as it was public holiday..One of my early observation in Beijing was that Chinese really took care of their cultural heritage well and support local tourism..

Last destination was foot massage. We were warned earlier by our relative that during his last visit to Beijing, he was tricked by the so-called-doctor at the centre into buying medicine that cost thousands.. He said we should just say no to that. At first the person there greeted us the usual manner and ushered in masseaur to do foot massage. Later a few so-called-professional with assistant's translator came in to the hall and start taking our hand and telling all the disease that we had. I had to be blunt saying that I'm western doctor and would do my own check up if i need to (because once you're into the deal, it's hard to back off). I whispered of the same thing to my mum as the 'doctor' was doing palm reading towards my dad.. we got away altogether..

Later that night after dinner, there's local Muslim who came to our hotel to sell t-shirt, bedsheet, table cloth, table runner and souvernier bags..It was pretty convenient doing shopping in own's pyjama and all items sold at cheaper price..

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