Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nikmat sepertiga malam..

I sort of abandon this blog for the longest time ever, my bad...

It's already 2012.  The last 3 months last year wasn't something i would like to keep in my memory. It was too painful,  the darkest point of my life so far. My only strength during those time was faith in Allah and parents. I had come to the state where i could plan my future with the possible new situation.

But at the end of the day, patience paid off. Allah gave me this test but HE also lead my way out of it. It's almost miracle when things unveiled itself, one after another. When i look back, how close i am to lose something i hold on dearly, but its Allah's will that not only i got it back but also in much much better way.


If there's one thing i would keep in mind is whatever that happen in our life, nothing is out of Allah's knowledge. pray to HIM, ask from HIM for what's best for us. We'll be suprised of how gracious and forgiving Allah is. The best time to ask from HIM is 'sepertiga malam yang akhir' so if we really really wish for something, sacrifice half an hour before subuh to submit ourselves to ALLAH for solat tahajud, solat taubat and solat hajat.   Insya Allah, He will ease everything for us as HE is the BEST KNOW-ER and MOST MERCIFUL. I actually learnt about this from Prof Haji Kamil (author of Travelog Haji) when i chanced upon him in Muqaddimah slot on tv9 during my emergency leave.

So , stay strong.. lovely people!

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