Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Top 3!

I dragged this post for more than a week now..whenever i made a mental note to come up with new entry, i ended up dozing/surfing net/watching TV or doing housewife's work...

So this is it. I'm not going anywhere until i click 'PUBLISH POST'

Put my life update aside, i wanted to share this first. It's my top pick for fren's blog update since my hiatus (hahah, dah lama x guna perkataan hiatus..dulu2 kalu jiwa kacau sket je konon nak hiatus from blog, tup tup esok tuh dah ada new entry...pbbhht!)

So instead of updating my blog for the past few months, i went blog-hopping and had good hearty laugh reading this post

Hanin oh Hanin...penuh ekspresi diri..!

KISAH FARINA DAH KHAIRUL FAHMI (ehehe, tajuk meletopss!)
Memang terbaekkkk!

but nothing can beat this...



I had my OMG moments reading this...literally ROTFL, ok! just to calm myself a bit, i had to text Fatma to thanks her for this entry of the day..i just couldnt figure out what's in their mind, seriously...and to quote Fatma

'You can't dressed Ali, Ahmad or Supardi with tight leather pants and vest, tunjuk-tunjuk dada macam tu, and call them K-Pop artist and expect that we didn't know any different and will fall for you and call you, "Oppa! Oppa!". Ugh. Geli akak.'

I'm not a fan of K-pop (as in the real group in Korea) but still cringe upon reading i cant imagine what Umie@Jebon would feel..LOL

Ok, dah siap. Nak solat zuhur plak..

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hafizahmaha said...

jumped straight to link #3 and omfg what is that atrocity? jebon! kau dah tangok belom?!!