Monday, May 9, 2011

Of farewell and such..

Doing housemanship in Kelantan wasn’t my choice. I’ve always envisioned myself working in KL where my social network is based and second home since 12 years old. Instead, I simply fulfilled my parents’s wish after having me abroad for good 5 years. They rarely ask anything from their children so I thought maybe I’ll do it for them this time. So it’s HRPZ II in the application form.

“Dudukla dulu dengan ma abah, nanti dah kahwin ikut suami pulak..’

Their exact words..

Perfectly honest, I cried when I opened up the offer letter as I was indeed posted to Kelantan. It’s this girl thing who grew up with her friends so the thought of living out of town far away from these people made me cringed. But I take in the tears and hope I’ll get something out of it.

Allah is the most gracious.

I went through hell during first month of housemanship..adjustment disorder, in an understatement tone. My parents never leave me alone… They travelled for almost an hour every night just to make sure i had my dinner and kept me company until the next morning, all cramped in that tiny cubicle of hospital quarters. Everyday, my mum would check out on me and give me comfort.

Parents’ unconditional love.

By 2nd month, I can forgo the idea of resignation letter. (I can actually LOL at that thought now!)

As time goes by, I met wonderful people so there were plenty of eating galore and a few road trips/picnic in between work-related grumbles..I also fell in love with my job;)

The past 3 years proved that distance is just a mind over matter. I made monthly visit to KL and still able to enjoy girlfriends’ time on a regular basis. It became more beautiful when they made their presence on my wedding day, laughing at my antics and calming my nerve..

BFF’s, hiks!

Renewed bonding with family and working in comfort zone, now it’s time to go for another adventure…whatever future holds for me, bring in on;)


hafizahmaha said...

i think i have found the solution to your wifi deficiency problem.

yatt said...

tell me howwwwww???