Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mere mehboobaaa...

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge goes a long way in Hamzah's clan, pioneered by our very own Cikyah. If i'm not mistaken, she travelled from Ipoh to Kl thrice just to watch this movie in cinema.

During school holiday, she brought back the VCD and premiered it for the first time in our house. Mind you, back then we didnt have VCD player and had to borrow someone else's (can't remember whose..) and to make it more interesting, there wasnt any subtitle either.. so, imagine us watching the telly while at the same time listening to my aunt's narration..LOL!

i was just 13 years old (kot!?) back then but Cikyah's passion towards this love story transpired.. we(girl' siblings) instantly went uhhhhhh-ed for the hero..SRK was the newbie in the industry and look at his style in this film, all innocent and charming! The next thing we know,during school holiday we would go to Cikyah's house in Ipoh and enjoyed movie marathon. I remembered vividly our experience watching Dil To Pagal Hai in the cinema and went home all smiling, dreaming of our own Rahul. In the car during road trip, we'll sing along to Hindi songs with our Late Ayah Lah..

1998- I'm sure my SSPian girls remembered the year where it all started. Shah Rukh Khan's mania in Malaysia and us got no exception. People were talking about Kuch Kuch Hota Hei everywhere and our very own Headgirl was the first in batch to watch it during her outing..Were were having our Sunday's night prep and instead of finishing homework, we crowded around Fatma's desk and listened to her bragging. hehehe!

My friend and i decided to follow her leadership- we must go and watch the movie ourselves..! we chose Sunway Pyramid for that matter and there were 6 of us -Myself, Liyana, Peon, Kak Ani, Jasmine and another girl whom i couldnt recall.. We were all excited and giggling before going in ..I remembered passing tissue to one of them during the show ,LOL!! (guess who?!)

Following that, saturday afternoon become our favourite time.. we had our self-created group who would pass the words around and by 2pm, gathered in Bilik Rekreasi Blok A &B for some gala time... I was actually an outcast because my dormitory was in Blok C but what's the joy of watching Hindi movie alone there, isnt it??! Those were one of the best moment in high school memories. We would find our fave spot and went uhhh-ahhhh whenever the hero came out to rescue the heroin...

There's one time when Miss Shal got all confused with the noise and quickly flipped through her telly-only to be more confused when she couldnt see any logistic reason for our abnormal behaviour downstairs..LOL!

Remember when some of us got called up by Cik Aisah, headwarden during prep hour for some 'Namaste' talk??..gosh, rumours had it that on top of all craze, someone actually had the nerve do some paper-cutting from the newspaper in her room to add up to Salman Khan's collection.

Huh, aku suspek budak PA system yg buat..hahaha!

As a punishment, i was reprimanded from going to Bilik Rek A & B..kahkahkah! It's not as if they can stop us from continuing our girls' session. Did i tried to sneaked into the room again for our weekly dose of Hindi's? i cant remember now..

Headgirl and i also shared tiny secret related to this..Fatma, dumping ground depan rumah besar..does it ring a bell to you?

Actually this entry was especially dedicated to Farina . Now you go have fun with your saree tomrrow and make us all jealous in homeland! pffttttt:p

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awesome blossom said...

OMG, I remember ever single thing, from org pertama watching KKHH, incident newspaper cik Aishah digunting, hinggalah kepada upacara pembakaran didepan Rumah Besar - HAHAHAHAHA.

gelak guling2 aku