Friday, April 8, 2011


Weighing about 60kg at the height of 158cm made me borderline overweight..In fact it went up to 64kg at one point of time..I tried everything within my means to lose weight- skip dinner, exercise everyday for almost an hour even during fasting season, no-carb diet. None of these tricks went beyond the first week for an obvious reason..I cannot give up meals and exercise without proper nutrition would not make big difference.

Started on Herbalife in early 2007 when I was stuck at 60kg with big bum and hip.LOL. It wasn’t an easy decision but real life testimonial from my good friend and extensive research for the past 25 years on COMPLETE NUTRITION convinced me to give it a try..I modified it a bit to fit into my lifestyle but stick to its principle..Alhamdulilllah, it took me about 2 weeks to notice the early change and by the end of first month, I was practically beaming with joy.

After 3 months I managed to shed 7kg and lost about 20cm –big success in my personal achievement. I feel healthier, lighter and more confident with myself.. Never thought that I could fit into size M when it used to be XL and my pant shrunk from 32 to 28..On top of that, i didnt go through any starvation to succeed and my migraine-gastritis combo also improved..

This year marked my 4th year with Herbalife..I’m happy to say that even after I stopped taking it on a regular basis (daily) for about 3 years,my weight remained 52-53kg and still wear the same size of clothes..So, I’m a living proof that Herbalife does not cause yo-yo diet..I only make sure I eat healthily (most of the time,ehehe) and that’s it…

For the year 2011, I have better plan..I wanna resume on Herbalife to maintain good nutrition (fact: I should be doing so for the past 3 years actually but I didn’t, ouch!). Good thing about Herbalife nutritional programme is that I can follow different regime for different purpose, namely to maintain good health, lose weight and even gain weight;)

Among minerals and vitamins contained in Herbalife, i'm particularly interested in Folate (57.75microgram/serving) and Calcium (96.25mg/serving).

Medical notes:

1.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that women who take the recommended daily dose of folate/folic acid starting at least one month before they conceive and during the first trimester of pregnancy reduce their baby's risk of neural tube defects by 50 to 70 percent.

2. Young women (adolescents and young adults) need to make sure they get enough calcium, as they can achieve their peak bone mass just after this age. Adequate amounts of calcium will help her bones reach optimum bone density. This can help protect her from osteoporosis later in life. Mature women need calcium to prevent break down of bone. There is also a growing body of research that suggests that calcium may prevent PMS.

While i am not yet pregnant, it is common sense that i should start on folate early because by the time i go for dating scan, i may be on later stage of first trimester.. It's also a good news as Herbalife is also safe for mother in confinement/breastfeeding (ok, i'm being far-fetched here.LOL)

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