Thursday, February 24, 2011


1. People said that the best way to get to a man's heart is through his stomach, but i'm having difficulty here as my husband is a wayyyyyyy better cook than simple as i often opt for simple pasta for lunch while he'll easily come out for rice with at least 3 meals...bingg banngg!

It's not actually a new fact for me we happen to share lotsa mutual friend and whenever one of them got to know that i'm marrying him, he/she will say how lucky i am for having a top chef someone who can cook as life partner... One time i was oncall and he's back in hometown for a short holiday, i made him bring lunch for me was offered lunch that he cooked at home...oh my, not only they're all scrumptious, there's nooooo wayyyy i'll be able to cook those traditional dishes... I did attempted to cook by myself on one occasion but had to call him out from the living room to *chuckle* modify the taste...

*grim face*

So my plan is actually use my recipe book *wipe the dust* again to copy past observe (and of course help him out, phhbbttt) his cooking and take note of the steps.

That'll do for now i think;)