Sunday, January 24, 2010


As i lied awake in the hospital bed, waiting for the antibiotic to kick in...

I thought of January..

Little did i know, when i said that it will be the month of letting would be losing my 2 favourite men.

The first one was by choice. He could not make it. He chose to dissapear into the thin air. He chicken out. He dare not to say whatever the reason for his absence. It's funny, when i thought i learnt from previous mistake and can actually have platonic relationship..the very person chicken out. so i thought, ok fine. just go away. i wish i can be this mean bitch that keeps on wishing he will learn his lesson for treating a girl like a shit but i did not. i just wanna forgive him and keep my heart lighter. perhaps i'm not a good person either in the past.

But the second one was inevitable. my very own clique, my closest buddy has got his transfer application approved. damn, my heart sank when i first heard about the news. there wont be six of us anymore. being happily married but living a bachelor life (as his wife's abroad), he's been our partner in crime since. if the world has snail mail, we then have snail jokes when one funny stories/incident would lead to another good laugh..and we keep our youth that way.. and my latest inside joke with him would be ' a date with indonesian maid watching badminton'. go figure! deyyy, you will be sorely missed:p

Two different ending. Two different emotion.


hafizahmaha said...

indonesian maid = umie ke?

*trying hard to figure out*

yatt said...


nti ko tanya brahem sapekah bibik indon itu before dia blah pg kl..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

tragic .. but nevertheless you gotta believe that Allah itu Maha Adil, surely you gonna find a better person for you .. till then, pray a lot, as He is the All Knowing.